How Long Can You Experience The Calming Effect Of CBD In The Body

CBD gives notable benefits in reducing anxiety, pain management, and improve sleep in the person. It is completely legal and doesn’t lead to psychoactive properties in a person. However, a lot of people want to know for how long does the impact of CBD remains in the body.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Gummies To Work?

There are several ways to consume CBD products. The active ingredients in each of these products take different duration to get absorbed in the body.

  • Edibles – Chewable edibles take a longer time to absorb in the body and mix into the bloodstream. Ideally, it could take around half an hour, one hour, and more to get it absorbed in the body.
  • Tinctures: CBD oil tinctures are administered sublingually by keeping them below the tongue. Like edibles, it also takes more time to make its way into the blood.
  • Topical creams: They are applied to affected areas of the body. Due to their localized action and low absorption rate, it can take around one hour and more to see its effectiveness. If you want fast relief, then you may even need to apply it in large amounts.
  • CBD vape pen: This is the fastest way for CBD to get absorbed in the lungs. As soon as you inhale them, it starts to show their effect in just a few minutes later.

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Factors That Determines How Long Will The Effect Of CBD Will Last In The Body

  • Empty stomach or full stomach: CBD products get dissolved quickly when it is the only thing in the stomach to digest.
  • Metabolism: If you have a faster metabolism, you can quickly absorb the CBD properties of the edible.
  • Body composition: Mass, weight, routine medications, digestive enzymes, etc. plays a big role in how quickly your body will absorb CBD.

How Long Does The Impact Of CBD Remain In The Body?

The effect of CBD remains for up to one week in the body from the time of its absorption. However, users can start to see its effects in the initial few hours. The mode of CBD consumption has a direct impact on the duration for which you will see its results. People who have high body fat can store its effects for a longer time.

Those who are on a rich fibre diet, or have a highly active lifestyle wherein they burn energy quickly, tend to lose CBD fast from their body. The effects obtained from CBD Edibles can last for up to five or six hours easily. As vaping leads to quick absorption of CBD, it also leads to its quick elimination from the body quickly. So, if you consume CBD via vaping, you need to top up once every hour.


The amount of time for which CBD products remain in the body is different in different types of products. The product you select, the way you consume, their dosage, etc. all play a significant role in determining the time for which one can reap its benefits.

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