Marijuana CBD Oil or Hemp CBD Oil – Which Is the Right Choice for You – Know Here

CBD oil is one of the cannabis supplements that people prefer for many ailments such as anxiety, stress, inflammation, etc. While buying CBD supplements, the users usually ask only one question, whether the supplement is extracted from marijuana plants or hemp.

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Before deciding between hemp-based CBD supplements and marijuana-based CBD supplements, it is necessary that you understand the actual difference between them. Here is an overview on the topic.


Hemp is actually a member belonging to the plant species known as Cannabis sativa. It is discovered that the plant can grow up to the height from 2 meters and can even reach till 4 meters. Hence, the cultivators prefer outdoor cultivation of this plant.

Hemp is rich in cannabidiol and there is devoid of THC supplement in it. If you find the presence of THC, then it will be up to the level of 0.3% in this plant. The flowers are the only part of the plant that is rich in cannabinoid supplements, and hence flowers are the main aim of the cultivators of hemp.


As you all already know, marijuana is one of the drug supplements that people use to enjoy an effect of feeling high. It is normally extracted from both the Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica species. The supplement is actually known for offering relaxing, psychoactive and even euphoric effect, and this factor has made it possible for the pharmacies to come up with many drug supplements for the patients suffering from many issues such as,

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Psychological disorders and so on.

Scientists have discovered the fact that the presence of the resin THC in marijuana extracts will be up to 30%, unlike hemp extracts, which contains about 0.3% THC only.

There are many factors that you should consider while choosing a marijuana oil or hemp oil. Some are listed below.

Profiles of Effect of Both Supplements: The presence of THC in a cannabis extract is what gives you a high effect. The concentration of THC present in hemp is comparatively lower than marijuana. If you are looking for enjoying euphoric effect, then marijuana is the right choice. If not, then hemp oil is the right choice.

Presence of Cannabinoid: The ratio of the presence of THC and CBD in a cannabis extract is what makes the supplement desirable or not. Knowing about them is an excellent way of doing the right choice.

Legality of Availability: Hemp products are easily available in the nearby CBD stores, whereas marijuana products are considered illegal in many countries, unless it is for medical usage. Carrying the supplement across the state border might also require understanding the state and federal laws of that particular place.

To conclude, both the hemp oil and marijuana oil are excellent choice for treating many issues today. However, it is suggested to consult your physician and understand the dosage level, before proceeding with the purchase of any supplement.

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