Maine Gambling Laws

With the polls opening up in Maine soon, there are a lot of questions on the ballot that people are looking into researching. One of those is Maine ballot question 1, or the casino referendum, allowing a new casino and convention center to open up in York County. Here is some information on gambling in Maine to help you be better informed on question one Maine.

What’s Considered Legal in Maine

One thing to understand about gambling in Maine is what kinds of gambling are considered legal. Compared to many other states, Maine has had a slow start when it comes to legalizing and opening gambling centers. Currently, casino gambling, horse race betting, lottery, charitable gaming and social gambling are all legal. Poker and dog race betting are not legal, however, and daily fantasy sports as well as online gambling are not specified. Although casinos are legal, they are very limited right now, and currently there are only two of them in Maine. That is one reason for this initiative; many believe that money from Maine is being taken into states with more gambling opportunities, meaning that local money is not staying in the state. Opening a new casino and convention center may be able to keep local people spending money in their own state, as well as bring in tourism from other states to increase the local revenue.

Who Controls Gambling

Another step to understanding Maine ballot question 1 is to know who controls the gambling in the state. Currently, there is Maine’s Gambling Control board, which regulates and enforces gambling. They can provide further information on the state’s gambling laws, and when the state legislature is in session you can watch the meetings live by going to their website, which allows you to stay up-to-date on the issues being discussed and any changes being made to the laws. Another place to go for additional gambling law information is the Maine State Legislature, where they have gambling definitions to help you better understand the legal jargon you may come across when searching for gambling law information.

Pushing for Expansion

Although gambling is not a large industry in Maine at the moment, legislators have been making a push to allow more gambling opportunities into the state. However, the house and senate seem to be at war on whether or not they want additional casinos to open up, as senators believe that the gaming industry in Maine is already saturated. Expanded casino gambling is gaining more ground in the legal system, so there is a good sign that the industry will be growing. This can be good for the state in a number of ways. In addition to the local economy concerns mentioned above, building a new casino and convention center can increase the amount of jobs in the state. During construction, there will be more jobs opening up for engineers and construction workers to get the project off the ground. Although these are temporary positions, there will be permanent positions in management, bartending and other jobs that help the casino run once it is built. These jobs will be more permanent.

Another advantage to having a new casino is the tax revenue that will be created and go to important funds such as education, gambling addiction help, drug abuse help, veterans, local Native tribes and more. There is information to be found on specifically how much of the profit will be going to which organizations and funds.

Before going to the polls in November, it is important to know that you have looked into all of the ballot questions and know of the effects that they will have on the economy and the local citizens, whether good or bad. Make sure to look into Maine ballot question 1 before voting.

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